Harvinder Singh

Harvinder Singh

Design your wall with the canvas oil painting by great artist Harvinder Singh

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Name Of BusinessPainter Harvinder Singh
Name of Contact PersonHarvinder Singh
Name of ARTCanvas oil painting


Life Of Havinder Singh

I born and grown up in an artist’s home on 16th January 1975. Now I am living in Faridabad (Haryana) India.

Luckily I got an artistic atmosphere at my home since childhood. My father was an artist, and he had a job in Agra roadways as an artist, the rest of the time he did work at home for galleries and commercial clients.

He had usually worked in different mediums like oil, poster colors, black ink with brush and airbrush. To see them working, also instilled a passion for art in me, and they give me little work to do. In this way towards the art inside me, and my art journey began.

These are a few lines about me, which may be summarizing the journey of my life. It was the reflection and influence of my father’s creativity on me, which brought me into the artist community. Infect my father realized me to several new facts of art, and always teach me as a real teacher in my whole life and I have learned a lot from my father in my early days.

From 1990 I started painting for art galleries and started painting from the Indian cultural landscape such as a confectionery shop, barber and vegetable shop, temple street, etc. in the impressionism in oil on canvas.

The art lovers appreciated my work very much, and my paintings successfully started selling from the famous art galleries. My work was slightly different from other artists, there was simplicity in my work that caught the viewer’s eye, and art lovers liked my work and also started buying.

After some time I changed my subject and paint Indian monuments, like Taj mehel, red fort, Lodhi monuments, humanu tomb, etc. I portray Indian and foreign people together in my paintings, and they all become symbols of my expression.

The whole essence inscribed to create showing freedom and a little bit funny atmosphere, which looking something cool to viewers. The colors of the painting reflect the artist’s thoughts. I followed my style of color application and drawing.

My work appreciated by art lovers and I am successfully producing such artwork.
After a couple of years, there come very unaccepted changes in the Indian art market from foreign countries, which have changed the art dealer’s mind.

After some time my work has gradually taken a route to discover something new and of course impressive too. Then I have a little bit changed in my works that the same subject I transform in unnatural colors, and that was more colorful and impressive. But the buyers urged me to do the same work as before. Perhaps they find my work more near to their heart.

Painting is a spontaneous overflow of powerful inner feelings; the viewer is bound to be influenced to see the works which have had a great impact on the mind.

When I was started the landscape painting, obviously I was inspired by the master’s work, but I didn’t take anything from them, I strongly concede that my work should be my own, neither someone others. Although, my journey will continue to move to discover something new delightful, peaceful and simplicity in my work.

Harvinder Singh

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