How Architects Win More Referral Client With 3D Printing Architectural Model Making?


How Architects Win More Referral Client With 3D Printing Architectural Model Making?

Architectural model making becomes famous day by day. We know very well the key to the success of an architect is knowledge, skill, and talent for any project.

Only design is not only a brilliant task.

Connection with people during the design is also an important process.

Do you know what thoughts hovering most in the mind of an architect during the designing?

That is, how this will look in real?

It is important to be aware of the ways of expression of your project.

In the form of presentation of the architectural idea which drives the thoughts of an architect,

The physical architectural model becomes the most successful tool for architects and interior designers.

In simple language, the architectural model is a physical copy of your Imagination in 3D artifact form.

Building a model house is also created to showcase the physical Image of any existing Building or historical building.

Finally, Architectural model making or building a model house is the beauty of your design to be appreciated by everyone.

History of Architectural model Making 

Architectural modelmaking covered a long distance by now. It’s like an ancient process.

The very first model was build in 4600BC. This build with fired-clay. This was not used as the building design. It used as a funerary object.

For the construction, these models started to be used in the 15th Century. Increasing the complexity of design was the main reason to use these models.

The motive behind Architectural was to make design realistic as much as possible.

Use Of Architectural model making

Nowadays, Architectural models are a kind of bridge between the philosophy of the architect’s design and design to present toward clients.

These models playing important roles in planning, Sometimes people use these Fundraising. Sometimes these models become helpful in the marketing and sales process of projects.

  • Communication and overview

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Public display

  • Fundraising

  • Construction Project Approvals

  • These projects become helpful in referral client

3D Printing Service For Architectures in India

Type Of Architectural Model

Nowadays we are living in a tech world. Mean keeping any of industry from technology not possible. Due to technology in architectural model making, we have seen drastic changes.

These models restricted by many things like functions, Manufactured technology (Like- 3D Printed Architectural Model ), Colors, etc.

Architectural model by uses:-

  • Conceptual Model

  • Working model

  • Presentation model

Architectural model

Classified By Function

  • Urban Planning model

  • Landscape Model

  • Office Building Model

  • Residential Building Model

  • Villa Model

  • Shopping Mall Model

  • Airport Model

  • Hotel Model

  • Stadium Model

  • Theme Park Models

  • Museum Model

  • Factory Model

  • Interior Model

Material for Architectural Model Making

Architectural models are far different from the sketch. Basically, this is a 3D view of any shape or design. This is a frequently used tool by any architect to present their idea toward clients, colleagues, etc.

As development and diversification rapidly improving the things in architecture and interior designing. So the improvement in the speed in the production of the Model is important. These are possible just because of technology Like(3D Printing Service)

Over the last few years, Approximately 75% of models were built with solid block materials like wooden, Foam and cardboard. But Now in the tech environment slowly and gradually plastic and resign’s use is increasing.

  • Wood

  • Acrylic

  • Polyamide

  • PVC Sheet

  • MDF

  • Paper

  • Foam

  • Glass

  • Metals

  • Clay

Conclusion:- This industry has seen many changes like others. Along with these changes usages of materials also change. If we talked about the current situation now a day technology is replacing things like a 3D printing architectural model. So few other materials like ABS, PLA, Resign, etc started increasing their usability.

How to choose the scale of the Architectural model making

Scale model is the requirement of the architectural profession

These models are prepared on different scales.

When we make the scale model the actual proportion ratio must have the same as the actual model.

It’ll impact on the cost of the building model making and its effect.

Here are a few key points are given below which will help to choose the scale model.

  • Identify the purpose

  • Considering the purpose and cost

  • Viewing experience

  • Convenient Transport

  • Budget and Deadline

The common scale of architectural models

In this industry 1:1 to 1:10 model taking part. Companies build these models on their specific needs.

  • Products Models

  • Interior Models

  • Faced Model

  • Layout model

  • Building Model

  • Site Model

  • City Planning model

Benefits of 3D Printing Scale Architectural Model Making

In the past days, people used to make building models by hand with the help of wooden and foams. But now thank the technology which changes this industry completely. Now a days 3D printed scale architectural models are coming up to help architectures and Interior designers. Here are the four main benefits of the 3D printed models listed below

  1. The client can visualize better:-

With the 2D design sometimes there is a gap in between and architecture’ visualization and client’s visualization. The client’s expectation was something different or he/she can change their mind with design in the middle of the work which becomes frustrated sometimes. With 3D Model, the client can visualize the model properly and you can impress for further approvals.

  1. Reduce Time of model Making:-

Nowadays we are very thankful for the technology which reduced the time of model making around 50%. These scale models require minor work. And with making hand such models means consume much time. Now we don’t worry about time. 3D Printed Model becomes easy and fast.

  1. Get Quality Design and Different Materials

As these are machine-made, it is obvious to bring quality improvement in the Design. With the help of 3D printing, we can include small and minor details in our design. These details can be easily shown in your scale model.

  1. Easily reprint or edit:-

Sometimes we needed to make some changes in the design after our scale model preparation. In the handmade models, these changes are not so easy because it is built with woods and foams but with 3D printing, this becomes so easy. You Just edit your file and reprint it.

  1. Get proved referral client with model making

Think about the way of marketing your business. It can be a commercial industry, office or residential flat. You built a small or big scale model for your client and get his/her approval on behalf of this model. You successfully completed your work. It’s time to gift that model to your client to put this somewhere in the corner which will attract their relatives and known.

you know referral is the best-proven method of a successful business.


The final sum-up of our conversation is architectural model making is like the backbone of the architectural and Interior designing business. Either you have to take approval from clients or government or you have to bring referral clients for your business. Building model making playing an important role in your Business.

This is built in different materials and technology. Nowadays 3D Printed Architectural models are becoming 1st choice of architects and interior designers.


what do you think about Architectural model making?