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Add A Natural Presence with Pillers In Design

Pillars are one of the main and important aspects of design and decoration in residence and commercials both we are delivering pillars like Sandstone Pillars, Garden Pillars, Marble Pillars, Portico Pillars, etc. Our creative craftsmen empower us in creating these pillar gates. Hire Best Stone Carving Artists In India Online for Pillers Gates.

Buddha Stone Sculptor

Stone Carved Sculptors & ART


A Stone Sculpture is an object made of Stone by carving or assembling. It can be any shape or size artists make their efforts to convert them from raw stone to a beautiful design. Hire Stone Carving Sculptors Artists In India Online with IndiARTcare.

Wall Stone carving

Stone Carving At Walls


We appreciate the interior designer’s efforts and energy to understand the lifestyles and needs of your clients to create aspired moods and feelings. We become part of your journey with becoming a helping hand with wall carving service in India. Hire Stone Carving At Wall Artists In India Online.

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Quality Is Vision

The best quality product is one of the elements of our vision. We bring your illusion in life with a great level of quality in material, details, and design.

Easy to Visualize

We make your design tangible. The details and prettiness in the model of the final project can be a worthy, easy and simple way to communicate and present to your team or more importantly to your clients.

Be time saver

Getting your dream of Traditional ART, connecting with artists, asking them for models for weeks is no more physible in today. We save time to focus on other important tasks.


The smooth surface, the detailed design gives a chance to rethink your design. Long years of experience of artists make their design error-free.



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Great Quality

As we already told you that Best quality is one of the key elements of our vision. Our system of quality checks makes us error-free at every step we are taking ahead.

Different Material

The stone-carving tradition in India is one of the most precious in the world. Organizations of stonemasons and stone carvers have been here since the 7th century B.C. Rajasthan is rich in hard rocks like granites, marbles, quartzite, slates, and other metamorphic rocks has been a stone carver’s choice.

Choice Of Colors

As like Stone Itself is available in different colors, we also provide a range of colors. When you need colorful elements in your architectural model. We fill it for you with material’s inbuilt color or with hand-painted from skilled Painters.

Long Lasting Product

As you know Stone carving in India has been since 7th century B.C. There are many examples available in India of carving which built years before and these are still Perfect.

Traditional stone carving in India



Traditional Approach




Architecture and interior designing both are being modern nowadays. But still, tradition is living in the heart of Architecture and Interior designer. Because our tradition reminds us and connects us with the ground.


Skilled Artists




The skills were handed down as family acquiring information and knowledge from father to son, a practice widespread in some parts of the country still now. Stone carving started on 7th B.C. In India. We are connected with such artists in IndiARTcare to serve you better quality.

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Whatever we are talking about it can be product or service. We have developed our habit to deliver our projects before time. Which build trust in our customers.

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Our deepest purpose as an organization is to enable recognitional & economically growth of Indian traditional ART and Artists with Delivering quality service.

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