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3D printed home model

3D Printing Models for Architects

We convert your precision of Imagined 3D Modeling within a beautiful physical shape. Making Models with wood and foams become past for architecture. 3D printing accessing to save time, money and energy to architectures.

Beautiful 3D printed sculptor in India

3D Printed Sculptors & ART

3D Printed Sculptors & ART accessing free space to think more artistically because now designing and finding any shape or size become so easy with 3D printed sculptors & art with IndiARTcare. Our aim to cultivate a culture of artistic innovation.

3D Printed Home model

3D printed floor plan

We appreciate the interior designer’s efforts and energy to understand the lifestyles and needs of your clients to create aspired moods and feelings. We become part of your journey from the vision of a home for one’s dream to life.

Our Vision Make Us Ahead In The Market

Quality Is Vision

The best quality product is one of the elements of our vision. We bring your illusion in life with a great level of quality in material, details, and design.

Easy to Visualize

We make your design tangible. The details and prettiness in the model of the final project can be a worthy, easy and simple way to communicate and present to your team or more importantly to your clients.

Be time saver

Getting your dream in 3d, connecting with artists, asking them for models for weeks is no more physible in today. We save time to focus on other important tasks.


The smooth surface, the detailed design gives a chance to rethink your design. it’s very easy to re-build or re-design to be ahead in the competitional market.



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“IndiARTcare’s service is great! They Delivered every order early from the deadline. Topnotch quality services made our client extremely happy.
Raman Ahuja
Director, Design Dreams

We are Ahead In Market

Great Quality

As we already told you that Best quality is one of the key elements of our vision. Our system of quality checks makes us error-free at every step we are taking ahead.

Choice Of Colors

As like material, we also provide a range of colors. When you need colorful elements in your architectural model. We fill it for you with material’s inbuilt color or with hand-painted from skilled Painters.

Different Material

We are here with a wide range of materials. In design mostly SLS is the most commonly used material. Few designers love to see resin in their models

Easy To Re-Built or Re-Design

In the 3D model, you’ll get flexibility along with smooth details. You or your client want to change in design. It’s very easy to re-design. and re-print. Which makes your task Hassel free.

Arguments on the model



Time Over Of Arguments On Designs




Architecture and interior designing both are the professions where peoples choice, dreams, lifestyles connected. Sometimes one of these factors becomes a cause of arguments with clients on design because they could not understand your visualization on paper or in 3D Visualizer. With a physical model, visualization is easy for your clients.


Encourage clients to talk about You




Whatever You and we make finally this is built for the client. With great artistic work, Smooth surface, including every little detail, we try to efforts to make your clients mesmerized with design and encourage them to talk about you with their families and friends. Which cause more clients and branding for your organization.

No sketching



Hand Sketching Is Become Past




Sketching every detail with hands is a very time taking process which makes our schedules and tasks hectic. Even sometimes frustrated. With 3D printing service in India for architecture & Interior designers. Makes you perfect and calm. Use Best 3D Printing Service Online In India.

Our Vision

Our deepest purpose as an organization is to enable recognitional & economically growth of Indian traditional ART and Artists with Delivering quality service.

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